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The word Alpha stands for the beginning

Often the beginning represents a hurdle that stands between us and our success. Another meaning of the word Alpha is greatness. This is the greatness we aspire for with all our members. The goal of Alpha Sports combines these two terms and reflects overcoming the beginning to achieve our own personal goals.

The goal of Alpha Sports is to show you how diverse the path to your goal can be.

Let´s discover together which path ist best for you and provides you delight

What are you waiting for? Start now with your beginning and reach your personal goal!

You can count on our team to help you succeed!

Mental Fit!

by Robert Winzenried


by Birgit Allweier

individually for you -
train both inside and outside

As a personal coach, we adapt to your suggestions! Whether in the gym or outdoor training.

Whether indoor or outdoor workouts are preferred always depends on the individual. As a personal coach, we adapt perfectly to your preferred routines and workout schedule. Your fitness workout can be implemented very well in our premises, but also trim trails, natural slopes, stairs or mountains offer perfect conditions for your health! Let us know your preferred option and we look forward to training together! For more information, click on the icon to the right.

Our rooms

3.5 days

with Robert Winzenried

“I know – I want – it works!”

The intensive training for all who want to deal with themselves and others more constructively. During the 3 1/2 days on the Alvier, you will ignite the inner fire that makes top performance possible.

What is this training about?

Your thoughts can paralyze or inspire you – a fact that athletes and managers confirm again and again. In this training, you will learn how to identify personal energy drainers, get rid of them and discover new mental strength sources. You will know what you want, make clear decisions, be able to switch off and possibly laugh a little more.

Here are some highlights

  • How do I get myself in the right mood for peak performance?
  • The three biggest challenges on the way to mental power and strategies for overcoming them.
  • What benefits relaxation has and how it really works.
  • How I can benefit from the power of thought.
  • “I’m delightedI exist!” – a positive self-image can do wonders!
  • How I interact positively with people – even in times of crisis.
  • How I create inspiring goals from my wishes, dreams and desires.
  • What are mental sources of strength and how to use them to achieve my goals.


“I know – I want – it works!” is more a training than a seminar, because it goes beyond the simple dissemination of information. You implement your insights immediately, deal with yourself and others more constructively and make greater use of your brain´s enormous potential.

What this training is NOT about …

It’s neither about soul striptease nor digging into your past, but solely about recognizing what you are hindering yourself with in everyday life and how you can overcome these mental barriers. In addition, you will open up new sources of mental strength that you can use to achieve your goals.

The training is not suitable for the therapy of psychologically unstable or structurally overstrained persons. It also makes little sense to send life partners or employees to this training. Whoever takes this training should do it only voluntarily and for himself. Because he is worth the time and money to himself.

What to expect…

The training is designed as an intensive training. We start the first evening with a light dinner and get to know each other. In the morning we start with an energy happening outside in the fresh air. Afterwards you have enough time for breakfast.

The daily schedule is themed “Surprise of all kinds” and is designed according to the biorhythms. We do relaxation exercises in between and also make use of the evening hours. We provide an atmosphere of security, variety and the opportunity for peak performance. You will be amazed at what your motivation and success-oriented behavior can achieve.

Stress management

by Birgit Allweier

Now it’s all about YOU!

  1. You want to reduce your stress level, but you keep falling back into old patterns?
  2. Even when your batteries are already dead and you could need a break, you nevertheless force yourself to complete the things that are still on your list in the evening despite feeling fatigued.
  3. You know that you are becoming more and more worn out, but you are unsure of how to revive yourself.
  4. Even if your surroundings are always reminding you to take better care of yourself, do you feel like there is still more you can do?
  5. Do you frequently put your employer’s, partner’s, or children’s needs ahead of your own?
  6. Do you ever feel like giving up when lying in bed? 


Birgit Allweier is the ideal candidate for you if you can affirmatively respond to one or more of these statements. She will gladly support you in your process! This works on a mental, physical and energetic level – tailored to you and your needs.

Indoor & Outdoor Training

Our trainings can also be conducted outside in response to requests or high demand!  At Alpha Sports, we believe that the effects of the weather offer us a variety of options and exciting alternatives. If you have a favorite place or want to discover special challenges or new ones, outdoor workouts are the way to go!

The City Park and Street Workout Parkour are both a short distance from our studio. You can thus exercise outside and gain the benefits of lots of sunshine and fresh air. However, our rooms are accessible 24/7!

Indoor & Outdoor Training

Auf Wunsch oder bei grosser Nachfrage können unsere Trainings auch draussen stattfinden! Wir bei Alpha Sports glauben, dass uns die Wettereinwirkungen eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten und spannende Alternativen. Wenn Sie einen Lieblingsort oder besondere Herausforderungen kennen oder neue entdecken möchten, dann bietet sich das Outdoor Training an!

Unser Studio ist nur wenige Schritte vom Stadtpark und Street Workout Parkour entfernt. Somit hast du die Möglichkeit, deine Trainings auch Outdoor zu absolvieren und profitierst von einer reichlichen Portion frischer Luft und der Sonne. Unsere Räumlichkeiten sind dennoch 24h/7 Verfügbar!

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