Our sports offers with fitness courses
and group trainings in St. Gallen

For you, fun and enjoyment of training is in the foreground, in addition, you want to improve your fitness and health? Intensive support is important to you in order to reduce the risk of injury? You enjoy working out in a group? Then our community training is the perfect place for you!

No one will be left out of the Community Training. We insure a maximum of 6 people for our courses. Discover new things an stay sporty with one of our small group sports classes!


Monday 18.00 - 19.00

With practical workouts, Alpha Sports Boot Camp will challenge you to your physical and mental limits while making the extra lbs simply melt away. You will enjoy maximal fat burning thanks to the afterburn effect, cardiovascular system training, an increase in maximum oxygen uptake, and an increase in your strength and endurance. You want to be able to switch off and increase your performance at the same time? Then our Boot Camp is just right for you!

We are recognized by health insurance companies!

Check with your health insurance company and get financial support for sports activities. More details are available

Small group classes



Free trial training

Perfect to give a try!

  0 CHF/course

Single entry

Individual lesson

30 CHF/course

8 stamp card

You get 6.6% off each course! (Validity 2 months)

28 CHF/course

16 stamp card

You get 14.3% off each course! (Validity 4 months)

26 CHF/course

Indoor & Outdoor Training

Our trainings can also be conducted outside in response to requests or high demand!  At Alpha Sports, we believe that the effects of the weather offer us a variety of options and exciting alternatives. If you have a favorite place or want to discover special challenges or new ones, outdoor workouts are the way to go!

The City Park and Street Workout Parkour are both a short distance from our studio. You can thus exercise outside and gain the benefits of lots of sunshine and fresh air. However, our rooms are accessible 24/7!

Indoor & Outdoor Training

Auf Wunsch oder bei grosser Nachfrage können unsere Trainings auch draussen stattfinden! Wir bei Alpha Sports glauben, dass uns die Wettereinwirkungen eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten und spannende Alternativen. Wenn Sie einen Lieblingsort oder besondere Herausforderungen kennen oder neue entdecken möchten, dann bietet sich das Outdoor Training an!

Unser Studio ist nur wenige Schritte vom Stadtpark und Street Workout Parkour entfernt. Somit hast du die Möglichkeit, deine Trainings auch Outdoor zu absolvieren und profitierst von einer reichlichen Portion frischer Luft und der Sonne. Unsere Räumlichkeiten sind dennoch 24h/7 Verfügbar!