Nutrition coaching incl. body composition analysis in St. Gallen

You ask yourself as follows:

  • What should I focus on if I want to gain muscle or reduce body fat?
  • How do I eat to feel good in my body and give it the nutrients it needs to be healthy and tough?
  • How do I manage to eat a healthy and balanced diet despite my stressful daily life?
  • Which supplements are appropriate for me and what are they?

…then the nutrition coaching at Alpha Sports is exactly what you need! We begin by evaluating which package fits best your needs and your goals. Then, using a body composition analysis and an anamnesis questionnaire, we evaluate your actual state. We can then determine where there is potential for improvement and how to make the necessary changes in the simplest way possible. Through focused coaching, you’ll discover how to maintain a long-term healthy eating pattern without starving yourself or torturing your body with strict diets. Come in for a free consultation and let us convince you of the value of our coaching.

Together we will find the way that suits you and your everyday life!

Alpha Sports Nutrition Coachings

Package bookings



Nutrition Coaching

Initial consultation incl. body composition analysis and evaluation

165 CHF

Nutrition Coaching

Follow-up dates

120 CHF


for Alpha Sports programm & time card

90 CHF

Indoor & Outdoor Training

Auf Wunsch oder bei grosser Nachfrage können unsere Trainings auch draussen stattfinden! Wir bei Alpha Sports glauben, dass uns die Wettereinwirkungen eine Vielzahl an Möglichkeiten und spannende Alternativen. Wenn Sie einen Lieblingsort oder besondere Herausforderungen kennen oder neue entdecken möchten, dann bietet sich das Outdoor Training an!

Unser Studio ist nur wenige Schritte vom Stadtpark und Street Workout Parkour entfernt. Somit hast du die Möglichkeit, deine Trainings auch Outdoor zu absolvieren und profitierst von einer reichlichen Portion frischer Luft und der Sonne. Unsere Räumlichkeiten sind dennoch 24h/7 Verfügbar!