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Metabolic analysis

Metabolic analysis in St. Gallen
The metabolic analysis determines your metabolic situation by means of a 5-minute breathing gas analysis at rest. This not only tells us your exact basal metabolic rate, but also which energy source (carbohydrates, proteins or fats) your body currently prefers. You will also be asked questions about your daily physical activities in order to calculate your metabolic rate. This gives you information about your daily calorie consumption. Based on the values determined, we create personal training and nutrition strategies tailored to your individual needs that can be perfectly integrated into your everyday life.

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Short but effective

A 5-minute breathing gas analysis determines your metabolism and daily calorie consumption in order to develop individual training and nutrition strategies for you.

Precise & digital

You receive your results immediately in the app, which you can use to track your diet. In addition, the app offers you various recipes with the macronutrient distribution (carbohydrates, proteins or fats) optimally tailored to you, an overview of your daily calorie depot and many other useful tools and information.


Individual evaluation

Metabolic optimization for maximum energy
Life-changing improvements for your health
Increase your physical performance
Personal nutrition strategies for lasting results
Revolutionize your fitness and health
Our metabolic analysis is the first step towards accelerated vitality. Metabolic optimization gives you maximum energy, life-changing improvements to your health and increased physical performance. We develop personalized nutrition strategies for lasting results. Let’s revolutionize your fitness and health together.

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Metabolic analysis

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Combine your analysis with personal training
CHF 119
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Metabolic analysis
CHF 149
  • incl. documentation
  • incl. evaluation meeting

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