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Community Training

Getting fit together

Do you want to have fun and enjoy training, as well as improve your fitness and health? Is intensive support important to you in order to reduce the risk of injury? Do you enjoy training in a group? Then our community training is the perfect place for you! No one will miss out on our community training either. We guarantee a maximum number of 8 people on our courses. Our small group courses are available for various sports – discover new things and stay fit!

Train together outside if they agree

Suitable for all ages

Tailored to all participants

A strong group start

Introductory group discussion & fitness trial training

Introductory group discussion

In our community training session, we lay the foundation for your fitness journey. We start with an in-depth conversation to understand your individual goals and needs. This information forms the basis for your customized training plan so that you can achieve your goals together as part of our community.

Fitness trial training

You can see the quality of our support for yourself during the trial training. You will have the opportunity to get to know our facilities and equipment better. We attach great importance to a private and familiar atmosphere so that you can forget your everyday stress and feel at ease during training.

Optimal community training with

family group dynamics

In community training, you benefit from individual support and a wide range of sports that will help you achieve your goals efficiently. Our expertise is at your disposal to maximize your training results.
Wide range of training options
Motivating group dynamics
Individual support from experienced trainers
Fun and fitness in the community
Achieve your fitness goals together with others
Achieve your fitness goals faster together in community training. In our motivating group atmosphere, you will enjoy personal support in every training session and have fun achieving success together. This unique group experience not only strengthens your fitness, but also the bond within the community.

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Community Training

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Trial training
CHF free of charge
  • Join in free of charge
  • Get to know the group
  • Experience shared insights
CHF 30
  • incl. intensive support
  • incl. various sports
  • max. 8 persons

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