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Partner Training

Together into a successful future

Share your fitness journey with a partner and achieve your goals together at Alphasports in St. Gallen. Our partner training offers you the opportunity to achieve your fitness goals in a motivating and supportive environment. Of course, neither of you will miss out on the individual guidance of exercises. With lots of fun and teamwork, we work together to get the best out of you – whether you’re a beginner or not!

Train together outside if you wish

For all ages

Tailored to you

Starting strong together

Advice and fitness trial training

Joint initial consultation

In our consultation for partner training, we lay the foundations for your fitness journey together. We take a comprehensive medical history to determine your individual goals and needs. This forms the basis for your customized training plan so that you can achieve your goals as a team.

Fitness trial training

Discover our partner training: Benefit together from a trial training session for a new fitness experience! Get to know not only our studio and the equipment, but also the shared motivation and support in a private and informal atmosphere. With us, you can forget the stress of everyday life and feel completely at ease.

Excellent partner training with

Individual advice

Bei einem Partner-Training bieten wir maßgeschneiderte Betreuung und individuelle Übungsprogramme, die euch dabei helfen, eure Ziele auf effiziente Weise zu erreichen. Nutzt unser Fachwissen und maximiert eure Trainingsergebnisse.
Mutual motivation
Effective training for two
Fun and social interaction
Customized training plans
Joint successes
With motivation through shared successes, personal support in the double session and the fun and fitness as a team, you can achieve your fitness goals faster. Partner training not only helps you to improve your fitness, but also to bond with your partner.

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Partner Training

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Trial training
CHF 45
  • incl. medical history
  • incl. body-screeing
  • incl. 30 min. partner workout
Partner Training
CHF 90
  • inkl. Body-Screening
  • incl. personal training plans
  • incl. common long-term objectives

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