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Healthy nutrition and well-being

If you’re wondering how to build muscle or reduce body fat, how to eat optimally to create a sense of well-being in your body while providing the nutrients necessary for health and vitality, or how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet despite a stressful everyday life, then Alpha Sports nutrition coaching is the right solution for you!

Physical well-being

For all age groups

Tailored to your habits

Fill up on strength

Identification of suitable offer & ACTUAL status analysis

Identification of suitable offer

Our experts start by working with you to identify the right offer that best suits your goals.

ACTUAL status analysis

We then carry out a comprehensive current state analysis based on the InBody body composition analysis and a detailed medical history questionnaire.

The perfect diet through

Tailored advice

With nutrition coaching, you receive tailored support and specially adapted nutrition plans to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. Benefit from expert knowledge and maximize your nutritional progress.
Individual nutritional advice
Weight management and energy boost
Improving eating habits and quality of life
Reduction of food intolerances
Harmony for body and mind through a balanced diet
Our experts start by working with you to identify the right nutrition coaching program that best suits your goals. We then conduct a comprehensive Current State Analysis based on the InBody Body Composition Analysis and a detailed medical history questionnaire. This allows us to identify potential areas for improvement and develop an easy-to-implement nutrition plan to customize your diet.

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Discover nutrition coaching

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Initial consultation
CHF 165
  • incl. identification of objectives
  • incl. body composition analysis
  • incl. evaluation
Nutrition coaching
CHF 120
  • incl. potential areas for improvement
  • incl. implementation of nutrition plan
  • Long-term targeted healthy nutrition

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