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Pregnancy coaching

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Pregnancy is an exciting and transformative time in a woman’s life. At Alphasports, we understand the importance of a healthy pregnancy and support you on your journey to becoming a strong and confident mother-to-be. Training helps you to get used to and accept the changes. It also helps you to put on less unnecessary weight and feel good again more quickly after the birth. The healthier you are during pregnancy, the more your baby will benefit. Regular exercise will help you maintain your metabolism and allow your baby to grow healthily.

A ray of hope on a new path

For all situations

Tailored to you

Start with a strong bond

Introduction and consideration of individual wishes


In pregnancy coaching, we start together on the journey to your optimal pregnancy. We work together to achieve a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Individual wishes

We take the time to understand your personal needs and goals and then create a customized plan tailored to your unique requirements.

Optimal pregnancy coaching through

Individual consideration

In pregnancy coaching, we offer personalized support and tailored programs to help you achieve your goals effectively. Trust in our expertise and increase your joint success in coaching
Physical strength for you and your baby
Energy and vitality during pregnancy
Mental serenity and relaxation
Community and support
Optimal preparation for the birth
Through shared successes, individual support in the double session and the joy of health as a family, you can efficiently achieve your goals in pregnancy coaching. This coaching not only strengthens your physical condition, but also the bond between you and your child.

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Pregnancy coaching

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CHF free of charge
  • Individual consideration
  • Provision of information
  • Preparation
Pregnancy coaching
  • incl. individual advice
  • incl. tips for avoiding unnecessary weight gain
  • inkl. Stoffwechsel-Optimierung

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